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You've likely landed on this page because you completed the Cable Module in The 21-Day Budget Cleanse, and now you're ready to cut the cord, pull the plug, or ditch the dish. Because the options for cord cutting change about every 10 minutes, we've created this page as a curated list of resources that you can peruse at your leisure.

A few things to evaluate/ask yourself as you make your way into the untethered unknown:

  1. How Tech Savvy Are You: While it sounds simple enough, cutting the cord can actually lead to some addition, not subtractions. Odds are you will need to cobble together multiple providers (like HBO GO, Disney+, Hulu, etc.) to get the feed you need. You'll also probably have to tangle with some devices (AppleTV, Roku, Chromecast, etc.) to get those feeds on the screens you want. So, if you have trouble resetting the clock on your microwave after a power outage, cord cutting may not be your gig.

  2. What Feed Do You Need: In Module 1 of The 21DBC, we talk a lot about how to assess what you watch, when and why. Sounds simple enough, but when it comes to cutting the cord, understanding your relationship with small-screen content is crucial. Start there, make a list, then see which options best meet your needs.

With those two questions in mind, here are a few guides to help you work through some of the details when it comes to making the big switch. Happy cord cutting (and good luck)!


There are plenty of sites out there, but these three give some solid steps on how to go about cutting that cord. Give them a look and let us know what you think.

Cord Cutters News Logo

As the name would suggest, these guys are pretty obsessed with how to cut the cord. Great resources and a solid (albeit a little long) video.

TechHive logo

Lot's of resources, some solid diagrams, and great feed selection tools, including a nifty comparison chart to show what you can get where.

TV Guide Logo

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Some good advice from the old-school experts on how to consume TV, with a pretty cool user-based selection guide—are you a "sports fanatic" or a "babysitter"?

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